Soft-liposculpture is a new refined technology that is totally different from the almost obsolete liposuction that you have known until now.

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Soft-liposculpture can remove your inelegant curves definitively in about one hour, under local anaesthetic,
leaving you with the figure you've always wished for.

Soft-liposculpture leaves you with a fine figure: the technology is an excellent contour treatment with which for example small fat cushions on the hips, knees or bottom and superfluous fat on the side of the upper legs (known as saddle-bags) or the belly can be permanently corrected.

All those small unsightly fat cushions are removed and you can slim exactly where and as much as you want. In a certain number of cases, this treatment can also be a solution to cellulite


What exactly is soft-liposculpture ?
Soft liposculpture is an aesthetic surgical procedure to remove local accumulations of fat, as they occur on, for example, legs, buttocks or belly, but also on arms, double-chin or under the shoulders.

When is soft- liposculpture advisable ?
Soft-liposculpture can be used to improve your figure by removing the fat in particular areas. We emphasize the fact that it concerns figure corrections here and that it not a slimming method

How can this treatment help me?

An appointment for a consultation with one of our consultant doctors is the first step before soft-liposculpture treatment. You can clearly put your wishes and expectations to the doctor who can then explain to you whether this operation is the solution for you. The doctor can advise another treatment rather than soft-liposculpture ; for example when it's necessary to remove surgically a surplus of skin. You must always bear in mind that the desired result will be a great improvement, but not perfection.



Soft-liposculpture works by the means of the "SDI" Cannulae followed
by an ultrasound-treatment, if needed. A soft-Liposculpture treatment, as it is used by us, has a clear lift-effect on the skin. After injection of our special liquid in the fat: " LDI " who increases the security and makes the procedure practically bloodless and painless if it is properly used with experience.
The surgeon can carry out his work with very great accuracy and sculpt the liquefied fat tissue in a precise and gentle manner


Will my insurance cover the soft-liposculpture treatment?
Insurance companies do not normally pay for a cosmetic operation.
Unless there are medical indications. Some insurance companies though do cover the treatment.

How is soft-liposculpture applied?
Via a small incision, a thin cannula is introduced into the areas that are to be treated and through which the fat is removed. After the treatment it is necessary that you wear special pants or bandaging during four weeks to counter swelling and to allow the skin to readapt itself to your new figure.

What are lymph drainings and are they necessary?
Lymph-draining is a special liquid expulsing massage-technology that is mostly carried out by specialised physiotherapists. Your doctor can eventually advise you to have lymph-draining done to make liquid accumulations disappear more quickly.


How this treatment carried out?

The small fat cushions to be sucked away are marked on the skin beforehand and
a special anaesthetic liquid is introduced via minute incisions which makes the fat-cells swell ; these are then removed by hand.
The fat-cells that have been removed will not return
(after puberty, the human body no longer produces new fat-cells).
The contour change is definitive and the skin will adapt itself accordingly to the new contour in most cases. The incisions are so small that nearly no visible scars will remain. It is reassuring to be able to communicate and collaborate with your doctor during the treatment. At the end, you are also able to appreciate the quality of fat removed and the near final result.

After this you can have a drink and return home !


Are there any side-effects with this treatment?
Bruises and swellings are general, the bruises though disappear normally within two or three weeks and swellings within eight weeks. Other complications like infections or distinctive scars are highly unusual.

What results can I expect?
Soft-liposculpture is ideal for people who have local fat-accumulations that do not disappear after diet or exercising. It is not a replacement for slimming. We do everything possible to give you the desired result.

Will soft-liposculpture leave scars ?
Yes, but the surgeon will do his best to leave only imperceptible scars and to place them as far as it possible in the natural lines of your body. The incisions are 2-3 mm and are therefore bareIy perceptible after the soft-liposculpture.

When can I start my normal activities again?
This depends on each individual; most people start work again after just a couple of days, others even quicker.


After the treatment

In order to give the correct support to the skin, a pair of supporting, elastic pants must be worn
for about 4 weeks, the first week of which they must not be changed night or day. For best and quick results, we advise five lymph-draining treatments. After two days, one can take a shower again and the stitches will be removed after 8-10 days.
After six months, a check up must be carried out.

After 3 months, the final result begin to allowed to be seen.


but not the least important: because this technology is so simple, the cost of soft-liposculpture treatment is situated considerably below with"European Clinics"

that of other methods.



In the case where there is more than one location to be treated at the same time (max. 3 to 4 locations at one time), a reduced tariff is applied depending on the number of successive locations. (For example 4 locations: upper thighs, knees, buttocks, belly cost 2865 € all-included except hotel & flight )

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