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Face "Revival" (Acid glycolic, TCA) ,  "chemical face lift " (phenol), Wrinkles correction per injection,


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" The wrinkles settle deeply. My skin is rough. Pigmentary tasks do not disappear any more. I want to give me a new skin ; to renovate ten years ! "

This very sophisticated care is based on the use of an acid solution dissolving the surface layers of the skin, thus obliging the deepest layers to produce new cells to ensure a new protection of the skin.

A true blow of glare which blurs wrinkles and ridules, refines the grain of skin and attenuates the pigmentary disorders. A cure of some meetings will enable you to find a face which renovates ten years with in more one glare of light.

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Acide Glycolique 50 % ou 70 %       

DAavt.jpg (28761 octets)
DAaps.jpg (258009 octets)
DKAvt.jpg (34985 octets)
DKaps.jpg (365703 octets)
DKPdrAvt.jpg (37576 octets)
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Acide Tri Chloro Acétique (TCA)

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The Exolift " technique "... " the chemical face lift "                arrow.gif (247 octets)

Exolift perles face avant.BMP (669318 octets)Exolift perles face après.BMP (660150 octets)

Exolift perles profil avant.BMP (624966 octets)Exolift perles profil après.BMP (653238 octets)
Exolift ski face avant.BMP (484902 octets)Exolift ski face après.BMP (484902 octets)
Exolift ski profil avant.BMP (484902 octets)
Exolift ski profil après.BMP (484902 octets)
Exolift blonde avant.BMP (380614 octets)
Exolift blonde après.BMP (362390 octets)


Wrinkles Correction by injection...                 ..


Zyderm II
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