Laser depilation, needle , " folliculo-cautérization " ...

Do you want to finish some with this disgracieux sleeping bag ? ? ! !

The hair is perhaps the most rebellious structure of our body since, the such Phoenix, it pushes back cycle after cycle !
It offered to us a protection against the cold at the "caves time" ...
It is currently a particularly "disgracieux" in the light of your beauty.
But do there exist final solutions to remove it definitively ?

Since the depilation of the upper lip than depilations thighs, bikini, ... nothing resists the current techniques
but... there is necessary however to check hair sensitivity , to be treated and growth stage during which the effectiveness is optimal.

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Laser ... What is it?

It's a coherent light generator, i.e. that the natural and visible light (the rainbow at the time of a storm) is worked to obtain a beam of light gathering all energy in one point. The light being reflected by the white color and being absorbed by the black, it is on this principle basis that the hair will be destroyed. One thus needs imperatively a clear-light skin and a dark hair of color corresponding to the laser criteria. In other case, only needle depilation remains the solution. But it is better to speak about with the specialist during free consultation to be certain about it.

This treatment is absolutely not carcinogenic!

Some rules should however be complied with, in particular that of the cycle of growth of the hair. This growth proceeds mainly in three phases (anagen, catagen, telogen). They are spread out in time: from one to six months. It is thus illusory to believe that depilation is final at the first session !

Generally the number of sesssions vary between 4 to 6. Variation being specific to each individual and not related to the technique.
Each session must be spaced of less 4 weeks to avoid any useless treatment. Indeed, considering growth phase, it takes at least 4 weeks to change growth phase and to thus make it possible the hairs in " dormance " to leave..

Working method:

The area could not have been depilated with wax for at least fifteen days. At the time of the session, we reduce pilosity excess before the laser application. The session is intersected by a "CRYO" application. . One thus cooled the area , with -2°C to allow to guarantee an absolute comfort to customer. At the end of the session, one applies possibly a anti-inflammatory drug cream. This area could not be exposed to the sun during 3 weeks or with an application of a total screen.

To be certain that the area can be treated by the laser, do not hesitate to consult us FREE before any too hasty decision ...

Hair with transparent root:
impossible to depilate!

Coloured hair: no problem !

"Bikini" area before and after four laser sessions

"Bikini" area: difference in pilous density after 1 laser session.
(Inclosed haires detail).

"Bikini" area: density before...
Same area after 1 laser session

"Armpits" area: density before...

Same area after 1 laser session.

"Arm" area: before laser...

After 1 laser session.


Is this a real definitive result?
Certainly. The goal is to destroy the root of the hair definitively. With this intention, there are two possibilities : either by " laser ", by sending an amount of radiation to remove it, or by " folliculo-cauterization ", by acting a such electric lancet and in coagulation this root. In both cases, these techniques destroy the base of the hair, definitively, preventing it from pushing back again.

Is definitive depilation painful ?
Whatever the selected technique, we will take care of your comfort, adapting a light local anaesthesia if necessary. This fact you will not undergo any nuisance and will benefit from effective, fast, final results and without disadvantage.

There is it disadvantages?
In the " laser " technique, you can test a small erythema, as after a light sunstroke. In " folliculo-cauterization ", the coagulation of the roots leaves a small point of healing, which will disappear without trace after a few weeks.

When can I turn over to the sun?
It is advised to await the complete cure of the skin before any exposure to the sun, that is to say one or two weeks after the session of definitive depilation. By security, we will also advise the use of a " protective shield total " cream, to protect itself from the heats of the sun.

Do I have to use special products after depilation?
The local use of a " hydrating cream " will make it possible to still accelerate the perfect cure. A cream " screen total " is advised during the first weeks after depilation.

Can one remove the hairs at all the places?
Practically all the places are accessible and our techniques of final depilation allow to get rid of an abundant pilosity precisely where it is most awkward !

When can one be pregnant after a depilation?
A pregnancy can without sorrow being considered three or four weeks after the last session of the planning of final depilation.

Can one practise all the sports?
All the sports are allowed, by taking care to protect its skin with a cream " screen total " in the event of sport from full air..

Is depilation definitive for blond or light hairs?
In the case of light hairs or more lights, the only really effective technique is " folliculo-cauterization ". It is the only technique making it possible to remove the hairs of all dyed, definitively, without risking a colouring or discolouration of the skin.

Are these techniques valid for the men?
Completely ! Considering the density of pilosity at the men, we will have recourse to the "laser" technique more easily. It will offer comfort, safety and speed. Moreover the intensity of depilation can be adapted according to wishes' of the person .


Other techniques...


1° Needle depilation ...

Currently, electric depilation with the needle remains the method whose effectiveness was shown scientifically on long term. The Laser remains a new technique (less than 10 years). There remains strongly indicated for the larger areas, on subjects of white skin with a black pilosity... en outside of these standard criteria, we can advise you to meet our specialist (free consult) to evaluate the chances of success.


One uses a current of radio frequency producing a micro thermal burn which destroys by heat, the germinal fabric of the hair. To apply this method, one uses simply a small electrode in the shape of needle which produces the thermo-coagulant effect (the electrode of return is not necessary). It is most traditional of the methods of depilation to the needle and most used with today.

Working method

One uses the electrode needle-case in which one will have introduced the corresponding sterile needle, the pedal which will actuate the passage of the current. The technique is the same one for all the methods of electric depilation .

  1. For any depilation, it is necessary well to disinfect the area to be treated. Soap or preferably a disinfectantproduct (alcohol 90°), to reduce the local microbial flora and to avoid inflammatory reactions caused by bacteria resident and transitory.
  2. To tighten the skin between the index and the major one and, other hand, to introduce the needle into the pilosebaceous channel, the hair direction.
  3. The needle should not cross any structure, it must slip into the pilosebaceous channel to the dermic papilla.
    This phase is generally painless. One presses on the pedal to give the programmed impulse. If one maintains the pedal inserted, when programmed time is completed, seeing it dies out and the apparatus emits a weak aural signal to indicate that the exit was disconnected automatically.
  4. When the power is not on any more, one removes the foot of the pedal and one withdraws the needle of the pilous follicule.
  5. One removes the hair with tweezers. If the hair separates easily from the root, it is that the treatment was optimal.
    In the event of tensile strength, it will be necessary to increase either the power, or the current, or the time of discharge.
  6. The appearance of a light inflammatory reaction is completely normal after a needle-depilation session .

In this case, the application of a product anti-inflammatory drug is a help to standardize the cutaneous state.

Precautions & Counter-indications

Electric depilation is a treatment whose effectiveness is undeniable. It remains the only final method for the fair, white or russet-red hairs. It should however be correctly applied by professionals who know this technique well. Nevertheless, in certain cases, there are consecutive side effects with local heat released which appear like an abnormal and individual answer
or because of fortuitous and inevitable complications,

Before depilation, one should not forget to question the customer on her allergic antecedents, on the diseases which she had or from which she currently suffers, on the drugs which she does not support, cutaneous deteriorations, etc, thus avoiding possible complications or unpleasant surprises.

To avoid any contagion and infection risk, we recommend to use disposable needles or a personal needle and to sterilize it after each session. After the session one disinfects all the treated area, using alcohol 90°.

During the first 15 days at least after a depilation treatment , it is appropriate not to expose the area treated with the sun (natural or artificial).

The sessions must be intersected with rest phase. It is common to leave for same area, times of rest of at least a month. This makes it possible to see pushing back some hairs which were in telogen phase (and thus impossible to treat) during the preceding session.

It is thus normal to see an optimal and durable result only over sufficient period to have to treat all the hairs in their most favorable phase. This period varies between at least 6 months with maximum 18 months. The average being 12 months.

There thus remains an illusion , about any definitive depilation method, to treat area in ONLY ONE session ! It is necessary to inform the customer about physiological growth process of the hairs to avoid disillusions based on commercial propaganda? For certain customers, the anaesthetic cream or the "cryo" anaesthesia will be an invaluable help to support the small nuisances. It requires however a specific application and a very long exposure time (60 minimum min. for the anaesthetic cream), except for the cryothérapie where the treatment can be carried out immediately.

2° La "folliculo-cautérization" ...

It derives from the principle of the electric lancet. Practised under local anaesthesia, it offers all comfort and necessary effectiveness necessary. In only one session, it possible to reach and to neutralize definitively the hairs root on the level, for example, of the armpits, the bikini or of the legs. The session is practised in medical environment, under local anaesthesia, as for a soft-liposculpture. We use an extremely fine lancet, like a hair. We neutralize hair by hair. This technique makes it possible to remove the hair, some is its phase of growth ! Can only one session possibly be enough, possibly supplemented (one or two small corrections).

Is the home return the same afternoon ? Yes, even and work can be resumed the following day. Some the hairs - "in dormancy" - are not visible and will have to be depilated at the time of their growth is 3 to 6 months later.


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