Augmentation des seins

Breast, true symbol of femininity

All the women will obviously not need an increase mammaire by prosthesis.
However to much of women, an increase in breast will bring more confidence in them and more femininity to them. The decision-making of such an operation can rise from various reasons: to carve the contour of breast, to reinforce the contour of breast having lost form or firmness or a clear difference in size between the breast.

These reasons make " breast increase " one of the most spectacular aesthetic interventions in plastic surgery. The results are immediately visible: into a little more than one hour, breast’s transformed into beautiful, firm and natural chest, without visible scars.

We shall try and answer to your interrogations:
Dangerous ? Progress ? After ? Price ?


Why " European Clinics " ?

" EUROPEAN CLINICS " is the European specialist as regards techniques in correction in silhouette, with more than 20 years of experiment in soft-liposculpture and increase mammaire.
The plastic surgeons of " EUROPEAN CLINICS " are specialized in these techniques in particular.
The scientific supervisor of " EUROPEAN CLINICS " is the universally known plastic surgeon, the inventor of the technique of liposuccion and then of his improvement in soft-liposculpture, for which he is regularly invited as speaker in seminars and congresses international, to speak about techniques of correction of silhouette.

" EUROPEAN CLINICS " developed a revolutionary technique for the increase in mammaire volume, technique which requires only one local anaesthesia! It implies the use of the special solution " L.D.I. ", which one injects into the fibrous network by means of a thin cannula.
The goal is to separate cautiously this fibrous network from the pectoral muscle, by anaesthetizing simultaneously the zone thanks to liquid " L.D.I. "



Are there alternative techniques with the intervention of " breast increase " ?
Unfortunately not! You can possibly develop your pectoral muscles thanks to exercises but these efforts will not have any repercussion on the volume of your chest. The hormonal creams will have only one effect on your skin, not on the volume of your breast. Moreover, their prolonged use involves an accentuated risk of cancer.

Which is the so special advantage of the technique of increase mammaire " EUROPEAN CLINICS "?
In general, the increase mammaire is an intervention which is practised under general anaesthesia, with stay of several days in private clinic. " EUROPEAN CLINICS " uses a new method: the expert injects a special liquid, called "solution L.D.I.", by means of a thin cannula.
He can kind anaesthetize it the zone of the intervention and delicately separate gland from the pectoral muscle. He creates kind a kind a " niche " in which can come to coil the prothesis. The patient receives before the intervention light myorelaxant to remain slackened throughout the intervention.

Where are the scars located ?
During the consultation the doctor will discuss with you the possibilities localization the scars: under the chest, around the nipple or in the hollow axillaire. Some is the localization, these small scars are practically invisible after some time.


Then the prothesis mammaire is delicately installation, by taking care not to wound the fibrous network.

It is a major technological projection in medicine, because from now on it did not require a general anaesthesia any more there! You can thus, 60 to 90 minutes after the intervention, to leave our private clinic with a news and splendid chest!
Another advantage, and not of least, is that you can quickly take again your daily activities.

Which type of prothesis choose?

All the implants mammaires have a silicone surface. Only the interior contents of the prothesis vary.
The manufacturers made spectacular progress these last years in the components of these prostheses. External surface is extremely resistant but flexible.
It is irregular, which does not remove almost the risk of formation of " capsule ".
This form of inflammation does not meet any more but very seldom.
The interior of the prothesis contains with the choice of the freezing of silicone - they are the best known ones and the most used - physiological liquid or of hydrogel.
The advantages and disadvantages of these three components will be exposed to you during the consultation.


Which is the aspect of the new chest and which are the first impressions ?
During the first weeks which follow the intervention, your breast will appear heavy to you and tended. This impression will disappear quickly and you will benefit fully from the completely natural aspect of your chest !

Is this true that it is necessary to replace the prothesis after ten years ?
Not, it is absolutely not necessary. It is a legend which is very often heard ! The current prothesis are of an excellent quality and guarantee with life and does not require any replacement. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to practise a mammography each year for a control of routine.

Is this dangerous to have silicone in the body ?
There is absolutely NO scientific proof worthy of faith which silicone has an unspecified effect on human health or the immune system. The human body is in presence of silicone as of the birth! pipes of perfusion, intramuscular needles, teats for babies, etc. We also breathe of silicone in the hairspray, the perfumes, etc.

Is it possible to nurse after an " breast increase " ?
Completely, without any problem


Are there possible complications?

Any medical act comprises possibilities of complications but they remain exceptional.
It is obviously due to constant progress as regards implants mammaires, of techniques, of prothesis placement, local anaesthesia and the speed with which is procedure carried out.

La consultation
It is obviously essential and " EUROPEAN CLINICS " attaches much importance to it.
The consulting doctor will listen to initially your wishes, will carry out a complete medical questionnaire and a medical examination.
He will explain you then, with the assistance of photographs, which are the possibilities which are offered to you.
After having been informed completely and in detail, you will be able to then make possibly your decision in full knowledge of cause: to finally obtain this chest which makes you so much dream !


Do the prothesis cause cancer ?
There is no scientific proof that the prothesis mammaires can support a cancer. Certain studies prove even the opposite but it should be held account owing to the fact that the annual mammography of routine is an excellent preventive examination of cancer !
Do the implants harden a tired chest ?
Yes to a certain extent. The attenuation of a chest is often due to an excess of skin, a loss of elasticity or an attenuation of the fibrous network following
a pregnancy or a loss of weight. The fact of filling this chest with a prothesis increases volume and hardens it to a certain extent. The doctor will explain you the possibilities during the consultation.

Is it allowed to take the plane or to practise the diving with prothesis ?
Completely, without any problem!

Do there exist contra-indications with certain physical activities with prothesis ?
TAll the types of sport can be practised. You should absolutely nothing fear as for the solidity and the integrity of the prothesis following shocks. The sauna is not contra-indicated. Nevertheless, it is advised to be careful the first six months in particular with sun or the banks solar, mainly to avoid a colouring of the scars.
A cream " total-screen " is advised.


This advantages allow a ratio quality-price "European Clinics" saying very interesting compared to other methods.
It also avoids an useless hospitalizations

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